The Best Document Scanner: PaperPort

Time is important so when you are asked to encode something that has already been recorded, what better way to save time but to scan and edit the document instead. Paper Port works just like that.  With PaperPort, you can scan, share and organize your documents in the most efficient way possible.

Nuance Communications is always looking for ways on how to make peoples’ lives better. With that in mind, they have made document management software – PaperPort. Specifically, this software is best in scanning documents.  It uses its built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in order to create files in PDF formats. Files that are converted into PDF are searchable via a number of other software. Aside from that, the scanned documents using the PaperPort can be separated into different pages and can be assembled to be able to create new PDF files that are good for editing.

PaperPort is a scanner on steroids as it works efficiently and accurately with just a simple push of a button. It is miles and miles away from the usual scanner that you might have owned before. With this, paper piles waiting to be scanned or retyped will no longer be a problem in your office or homes.

Advantages of PaperPort

  • Universal Scanner

One of the best things about PaperPort is that it works on any scanners. No specific scanner that it favors, so it may be the printer with scanner, the desktop scanner or just any scanner you have – it will work. This is all with just a push of the button.

  • Know your Scanning Destination

Any file type can be scanned using the PaperPort, and it can scan images without compromising the quality of the image. It can also view more than 150 document types and photo formats. You can employ the drag and drop technique to convert your scanned document images into popular word processing software you are using.

  • Great Results in No Time

The scanning results of this software in any document are impressive. Newspaper articles, receipts, images or photographs and others can be scanned without much waiting. Aside from that, you can also make some enhancements on the documents that you have scanned.

  • Scanner Master with PaperPort

Scanning is simplified with the use of PaperPort. You not only become efficient in your task, but you will also be able to help the environment as it reduces waste and conserves energy. This software is a solution to the problem to the prevalent clean and green projects. You can now say goodbye to faxing, mailing practices and other harmful effects of these other machines.

Even if you do not have a scanner nearby, you can just take a picture of the document via your cell phone of digital cameras and upload it to your cloud services. You can convert the photo you took to document files you need. Scanning is easy as 1 -2 -3 in PaperPort!

PaperPort 14 Out Now

Buy me 🙂

Hello Friends! Today, I have some good news for you. Recently, the latest PaperPort was released–the PaperPort 14.

Nuance Communications, the company behind the success of PaperPort, the revolutionary document management system has recently announced the release of the latest version of the software.

PaperPort 14 is the newest addition to the PaperPort line. It comes in two versions, the PaperPort 14 Professional ($197) and the PaperPort 14 Standard ($97.00).

For businesses that need a professional touch in increasing productivity, PaperPort Professional 14 could take the task to a whole new level of document management. It is full- packed with features including:

  1. PDF creation and editing tool
  2. Fast and productive scanning
  3. Network file management
  4. Document protection
  5. Document routing
  6. Search Indexing
  7. Workspace bookmarking

And there are also features which allows for better remote accessing of files provided that you have an internet connection. This allows for updating and disseminating of files securely and swiftly to all users who are using both Macintosh and Microsoft powered personal computers, smart phones, tablets, and other compatible devices.

The PaperPort Professional 14 ensures that with its capabilities, achieving office goals such as cost reduction, increased productivity, and best customer service can be achieved.

For individuals who want to organize and manage documents easily, the standard version of the PaperPort 14 is perfect. It helps enhance scanner capabilities so that documents can easily be converted into PDF ready files. Just like the professional version, PaperPort 14 allows for remote access to your files. You can easily take your files anywhere by using your compatible device.

For both versions, you get to have the following advantages:

  1. You expertly convert files into PDFs by using the software’s easy scanning methods. Unlike other software where the complexity of operation prevents you from doing things on your own, PaperPort allows you to do everything with simple clicks on its modest user interface.

Unlike the previous softwares for viewing PDF files, PaperPort do this in an ultra fast way plus an additional set of features like better editing and sharing tools. This makes way for a better production.

  1. Using PaperPort in managing documents and going digital instead of the traditional way of filing documents (printing, mailing, faxing,etc.), lets you help conserve Mother Nature. This green technology reduces the use of paper in the office. By going paperless in the office, you get to reduce production costs too.
  2. PaperPort works with any scanner so anyone can conveniently use the software.
  3. With its feature called FormTyper, a printed form can be scanned and converted into an electronic file so filling out forms is made quicker and neater.
  4. And finally, with its powerful search capability, finding a file is faster. All you need is to enter a few information to use in the search like a word or a phrase.

The PaperPort 14 is truly a remarkable release from Nuance communications.

Get the PaperPort 14 or upgrade!

Until Next Time,

Peter-Your PaperPort Guide

PaperPort 12 Released

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paperportno1Hello Friends,

Can Paperport really get better? Yes believe it or not  Nuance have recently released  PaperPort 12 with some exciting new features to stay ahead of the competition as always!

Do you really need to upgrade? Are there enough new useful features to make it worthwhile to upgrade?  Yes! PaperPort 12 comes with 12 NEW FEATURES that gives you total control of your paperless office. Get green today.

Read more about the new features below and you will no doubt agree with me that it is well worth Upgrading to Paperport 12.

1. PDF Viewer Plus

With the new PDF handling application, accessing PDF files is now made 500 % faster over PaperPort 11. It optimizes resources to give the best resolution.

2. Tabbed Ribbon Interface

All functions are now displayed in a convenient tabbed ribbon style toolbars.

3. “Scan Now” button

PaperPort 12 now has a “Scan Now” button that lets you scan your documents with just one-click.

4. ScanDirect™ Utility

When you scan document, ScanDirect utility automatically opens the PDF Viewer Plus.

5. Superior PDF Annotations

Add comments to your documents and choose from a range of annotation set such as notes, text boxes, highlights, straight lines and free-form lines.

6. Dynamic and transparent stamps

Add stamps into your documents:

Dynamic Stamps – automatically adds author, date and time.
Transparent Stamps – add stamps like scanned signatures.

7. FormTyper™

With the use of Logical Form Recognition® Technology, PaperPort 12 allows you to turn a static form into a fillable one PLUS control over the form elements.

8. Expanded PDF Search capabilities

PaperPort lets you search contents and image files with the use of the search engines such as Windows® Desktop Search or Google® by simply entering a keyword.

paperport12_box9. Customizable Quick Access toolbar

Add and locate easily your frequently-used tools on the Quick Access Tollbar located above the tabbed ribbon toolbar.

10. Microsoft® SharePoint® Support

Import and export your Microsoft® SharePoint® files in just a few clicks.

11. Digital Camera Input

Take a picture of a document and convert it into a text document for editing with the use of the Send To Bar.

12. How-to Guides

Finding help is now faster with the updated series of mini-guides that can be easily accessed from the tabbed ribbon toolbar.

These 12 new features gives you 12 reasons to upgrade or purchase PaperPort 12 now.

Check out more of PaperPort 12 here.

Visually manage and organize your documents by taking full control using Paperport today!

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Paperport Guide

Why PaperPort 11?

whyHello Friends,

PaperPort connects your scanner and computer together to work with PDF and JPEG images just like working with paper documents right on your desktop.

With Paperport 11 you can Save time and money with the security of knowing that important documents and photos will never be lost.

Are you thinking of  purchasing or upgrading your PaperPort but not convinced if its worth spending your well earned bucks on it?

There is a variety of software that promises to do what you are looking for i.e  have the capabilities to scan, organize and share documents.

When it comes to Paperport 11 you will get more than you expect as Paperport comes with a list of very interesting features  among the top  3  that make it stand out from the rest are :

workfast1. Increases productivity by organizing, finding and sharing document electronically.

A one do-it-all tool that provides easy, fast and productive results to its users. From the Productivity, Scan and Camera Capture and Document Workflow Features, PaperPort 11 can turn your paper-ful days to paperless days!

The following are the features which will sure boost your productivity:

• Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET)
• One Click ScanDirect Toolbar
• Photo Editing and Enhancing
• View, print and manage over 150 file formats
• Visual Document Thumbnails
• Digital Photo Management (JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF)
• Add Keywords and Page Names to Documents
• All-in-One Search
• Subject and Keyword Search
• Scheduled Search Indexing
• Many more!

pdf2. Transform paper documents into searchable digital documents

It’s time to get rid of all those messy papers and folders and shift to productive days and even save money! With the scanning features of PaperPort 11, all your paperwork is converted into editable and searchable files such as PDF and many other formats.

• Utilize all network and workgroup assets – Scan your documents and have it sent to your email address or to a network folder for everybody else in your office to have access to it.

• Scan-and-copy-to-desktop –  PaperPort works well with almost any scanning device and turns paper into PDF files, thus saving you time, effort and money. Its support for batch scanning is another PLUS to boosting your productivity!

• Paper-on-ramp for content management systems – PaperPort 11 simplifies content loading by adding scanning, local file management, and PDF creation capabilities to the PC thus, making it the ideal way to implement an easy-to-use distribution capture solution for CMS.

manage3. Visually manage paper and PDF plus over 150 document and photo formats

Eliminate frustration and time-consuming ways of looking for important documents and photos! PaperPort 11 is the best and easiest way to turn your piles of paper and photos into organized, quick-to-find, use and share-ready files. Perfect for you – saves you time, effort and bucks with the security of knowing that all your files will never be lost!

What more can you ask for? PaperPort 11 has it all – it’s worth every buck you spend!

No need to sit on the fence anymore Paperport 11 is the software of Choice if you already know this and want to experience the brand time saving features that come with Paperport 11 then its time to Upgrade your Paperport today.

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Paperport Guide

PaperPort 11- Best Document Scanning Software

paperportHello There!

Do you have problems  scanning  old newspaper clips, articles, photographs (older than your grandpa and ma) and those invoices?

If you are looking for an application that allows you to scan, organize and share all your piled up documents fast and easy you are on the right page.

Nuance PaperPort 11 is the best solution in the market and is recommended by almost everyone around the globe. What makes it the best??? PaperPort is designed to make your scanners, all-in-one and multifunction devices easier to use and more productive than its competitors can offer.

bestPaperPort 11 Features  make it Stand Out from the Competition!

  • Easy, One-button Scanning – A new feature of PaperPort that is compatible with almost all types of scanners.  Gives you professional looking scanning results without much human intervention.  Takes control of your scanner buttons and gives you what you want.
  • One interface for all scanners – With PaperPort 11, you don’t need to worry about all those different interfaces all you have to face and work on with, is one unique and simplified control panel that will work exactly the same for all your scanners.

  • Get what you expected – Those poor and unexpected results are over. With PaperPort’s Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET) Tools, you can now automatically apply improvements to your documents or photos while you are scanning e.g auto straighten, auto-crop, auto-rotate, auto-enhance and many more.

  • One-step scanning – Different document types require different settings on them to get the best results. PaperPort  encapsulates all your settings into Scanner Profiles and applies the setting with just a simple push of a button.

  • Unrivaled PDF Value – PaperPort 11 has a new file compression technology, called PDF-MRC that creates industry-standard PDF files up to 8 times smaller in size compared to other alternative products. Making it easier to share paper documents over email or the Web.

Needless to say more, PaperPort 11 has it all.

If you still don’t get why it is the best check out more PaperPort 11 features.

Or if you already own an older version Upgrade to PaperPort 11 and enjoy the full new features.

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Paperport Guide

Nuance OmniPage 17 Document Conversion


Hello Friend,

Nuance, the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions, proud manufacturer of PaperPort, has released their newest version of OmniPage, the OmniPage 17.

OmniPage has always been known as the world’s most powerful and accurate OCR and document conversion software. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to transform scanned data files into e-files all of which you can edit, search and share to many different formats.

New Features included are:

Increased word accuracy: Now delivers 42% increase in accuracy for scanned documents.

• Faster launch times: Opening OmniPage 17 is 200% faster compared to older versions.

• Send to Amazon Kindle: With one easy step, you can now scan a document, convert it to a readable format and send it to the eBook reader, Amazon Kindle®.

• Easy Loader: This new interface window allows user to quickly access multiple documents at the same time.

• One-click toolbar in Microsoft Office: You don’t need to open OmniPage anymore, with “One-Click”, you can utilize OmniPage inside Microsoft Office. To cut the chase, it’s the Direct OCR buttons makes it this all possible.

• Language recognition:

Asian language recognition: In version 17, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean Languages are now recognized.

Automatic Asian Language Detection: When Western and Asian texts are inputted and mixed on the page, OmniPage automatically gives the user all the best possible results.

Improved features are as follows:

• Increased layout and formatting accuracy: The table recognition, large titles, vertical text, and character matching are improved and more.

• Multi-core parallel processing: Productivity is increased as OmniPage processes as faster in coordination to the new and popular computer processors of today.

• Digital camera 3DC technology: Now you can capture text anywhere and everywhere with your digicam, 3D distortion can now be automatically corrected.

• More…

OmniPage is your one-time, easy and fast way to turn your normal OCR and document conversion days into a productive, profitable and OmniPage-uicy days!

OmniPage 17 does more than you think and will save you more than you believe!

If you already have a previous version you can get more done and save even further by Upgrading to the Latest Omnipage 17 .

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Paperport Guide

PaperPort 11 Released

folder1The software that helps you organize and manage your documents was recently released.

Yes, I am referring to Nuance’s Paper Port 11, it’s back and with new features added, doing those paperworks will absolutely turn your problematic paper days to terrific PaperPort days!

New features included are:

• Better and Faster way to organize files.

• Easiest Way: One Button Scanning

• Learn Easily with the How-to-Guides

• Improved Text Recognition

• Watson – Smart Search Agent

• Many more…

Have you been thinking of hiring another administrative personnel to take care of your important files? Well, forget it, purchase or upgrade PaperPort 11 now!

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your PaperPort Guide